Hello there. I know you. I see you.

You’re married but incredibly lonely. 

You feel sad despite your blessings.

You want to change your life and your marriage but

  • your husband isn’t willing to change or go to marital counseling
  • your previous attempts at reconnection failed and left you feeling worse
  • you’ve given up hope that your marriage can be restored

Here’s a little secret that I want to share:

The ability to transform your marriage
exists within you.

But sometimes when we’re in the middle of our problems, we’re too close to see them clearly.  The solutions we seek are hidden.  As the cliche goes, we can’t see the forest for the trees.

That’s where I come in.

I work closely with women to help them get clarity and take steps to bring about lasting change in their marriage.

Together, we will travel down the path of transformation. We will discover your personal truth and use it to reconnect to your husband and live life fully.

I believe in your ability to transform your marriage. 

I believe that your life can be rich and full. 

I believe that you deserve all the beauty and love life has to offer.

Hi, I'm Danielle

Life presents us all with unbelievable challenges.  And I’m no different. By the time I was 18, my Mother was on her 5th marriage.  My childhood was filled with first hand experiences of every type of relationship.  I’ve learned a lot about what makes marriages fail and succeed. It’s not too late for your marriage to be a success story.  And I’m here to help you make that happen.

I’ve combined my life experiences and natural talents to help women {like you} reconnect to their husband and save their marriage.

Want guidance to help you transform your marriage?

Learn how to make changes that will restore connection and end loneliness and in your marriage.


You are not alone, no matter how lonely you feel

A marriage grounded in trust and respect is possible for you

Connection with your spouse can be restored


Lack of a clear path, not believing it’s possible, and resistance to change

Most people have become conditioned to settle for a mediocre life – but you are not most people.

You’ve struggled and overcome.

You’ve endured and achieved.

You are tenacious.

And that’s what I love about you.  Some part of you may want to throw in the towel and quit.  The part that is worn out and tired whispers, “why bother?”  But deep inside, you’re not a quitter.  You’ve survived too many things to just lay down and let life roll over you.

But you understand that you can’t get to where you want to go by doing the things you’ve always done.  None of us can.

We all need support and a community to wipe away our tears and celebrate our victories. Together we can change the trajectory of your marriage.