You have questions about how to change your relationship, and I have answers to get you where you want to be.  Are you feeling like:

  • the problems between you and your husband are so complex that you aren’t sure your marriage can even be saved?
  • your efforts to tolerate, avoid, or confront your husband about your marriage problems won’t work because he’s not going to change?
  •  you’re ashamed and embarrassed to talk to family and friends about the problems in your marriage?
  • you’ve read books and tried counseling without success and you’re not sure what else you can do?

Waiting for your husband to change isn't the answer to your marriage problems.

In fact, waiting for “something to happen” leaves you feeling powerless and dependent on external circumstances.

When we experience frustration and sadness in our marriage, our first inclination is to react in unproductive ways…

….react with passion….shut down and avoid….ignore the problem entirely…..

but your problem isn’t that you haven’t tried to fix the problem.

I know you know how to work towards changing your marriage – you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t! But changing behaviors – planning date nights, responding to love languages, formalizing communication  – isn’t actually going to make lasting change in your relationship.

  • You love your husband and want to heal your marriage…but you just don’t know if it’s possible
  • You have tried so many times to reconnect….but there’s still a void in between you and your husband
  • You are aware of your faults….but he seems oblivious to his.
  • You’ve tried changing to meet his needs…but he didn’t change to meet yours
  • You want to your marriage to be a partnership…but he doesn’t treat you as his equal

And I know you know:  it feels awful to follow all the advice and tips and not see any improvements

Dear friend, let me set you free:  your marriage is not doomed.  It can be restored.

{In fact, it can be amazing}

Because the way to heal your marriage isn’t about changing behaviors-.

It’s about healing the wounds inside ourselves so that we can be a different person in our marriage. And most of the time this can be accomplished with consistent intentions that will leave you wondering…

Why didn’t I do that sooner?!

Instead of trying to change the external, you need to change the internal:

  • getting clear about how you want to feel in your marriage
  • choosing how you show up in your relationship every day
  • releasing past hurts to make space for new, empowering emotions
  • knowing how to react and respond when emotions run high

In other words, you need a path to internal transformation so that you can change your external experiences. {No more trying every technique in hopes that it will magically change everything}

And that's where I come in.

I offer 1:1 sessions for women who want to experience connection and happiness in their marriage, but aren’t exactly sure how to make it happen with lasting results.  I turn effort into results.  These sessions are limited, and by application only.

If you’re interested in learning more — book a complimentary 20 minute mini-session below where we’ll discuss the current status of your marriage and how you would like it to change.  If we both feel it’s a good fit to work together, we’ll discuss more details on the call.

Ready to restore your marriage?

Too often, I see women focused on the ways they wish their husband would change when they want to find happiness in their marriage. They believe that if their husband behaved differently they would feel loved and appreciated. They try date nights and weekend trips to reconnect and inspire change.

All of those things qualify as trying to fix an internal struggle with an external solution.

When you look within, you identify the internal beliefs that are influencing your experiences as a wife.  Understanding how your thoughts are shaping your emotions allows you to regain control over them.

But we all know it’s easy to get caught up in the emotions.  We are often so close to the problem that we cannot step outside of the situation to get a clear perspective.

That’s why bringing an outside advocate who can provide a bird’s eye view will result in being able to make small but epic shifts towards working on the internal beliefs that are holding you back.  And THAT allows you to focus your efforts on uncovering and transforming your beliefs so that they serve you and bring you closer to your goal of a happy, fulfilled marriage.

And I know that you can do it because I’ve done it myself – not only in my own marriage but also by helping women just like you.  That’s because I can see the big picture and help you hone in on exactly the tweaks and small perspective shifts that will get you the results you desire.

I’ve created the Marriage Makeover Sessions specifically for you – women that want to experience lasting love but aren’t exactly sure how to find it with their husband.  They have followed all of the usual advice and are losing the momentum to continue.

You need someone to come in, help you find the opportunities for change, then pop back out again so that you can enjoy the results!

These are available as application only sessions as space is extremely limited, and I choose to work with women that I believe are open to change.  If you’re interested in working with me via a series of intensive hour-long sessions {available both in person and virtually} – book a free breakthrough strategy session.

We’ll get an overview of your marriage, and if I feel that you’re a good fit for coaching and you’re still interested, we’ll discuss further on our call.

Want to save your marriage?

To help propel you into a new stage of connection for your marriage, and give you the quick injection of insights from someone far enough outside your marriage bubble, I’ve developed the Compassionate Empowerment Sessions, a bespoke, one-on-one opportunity to get laser focused on your business.

Whether that’s:

  • discovering connection
  • overcoming loneliness
  • feeling loved and appreciated
  • reducing shame
  • restoring mutual respect

Or something else entirely that is preventing you from enjoying your marriage!

Whatever challenges you bring to the Compassionate Empowerment Sessions, you will walk away with reassurance that you can have a happy marriage once again.

You will have tangible + specific actions that you can take to begin healing your marital problems.

You will no longer be alone because you will have a guide there to support you and provide a unique perspective without judgment.

Your feelings of self worth will increase, love will flow in + you will no longer feel that you are fighting a battle alone.

This is a soul searching, deep dive experience into your marriage and as such, options to work together currently start at $150. Are you ready, and able, to invest in your marriage in a way that will produce lasting change? If yes, schedule a complimentary mini-session below – and if we both feel that the coaching is the best way to move the needle forward for you, we’ll discuss details on the call.

Take the next step

I’m offering a limited number of 1:1 Emotional Wholeness Sessions designed to help you create the marriage and life you’ve always dreamed of.  If you think this might be the right move to take your marriage from hurt to healed, fill out an application for a free consultation call.  Let’s talk about how Emotional Wholeness could completely revitalize your marriage.

These sessions are application only – if you’re interested in  working with me 1:1 as an advocate for your marriage – book a complimentary consultation call below.  We’ll dig into the big challenges that you’re wrestling with right now, and then if we both want to move forward, we can discuss the Sessions opportunities further on the call.

If you’re ready to stop working so hard to overcome marital problems and start working to make lasting change in your marriage, I invite you to click the button below for your free mini coaching session.